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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Preferred Engineering utilizes state of the art, industry standard Computer Aided Design/Drafting programs when engineering our systems. CAD aids in the design, development, and optimization of our products. The use of CAD in mechanical, electronic, and power systems provides a few key benefits to the consumer.
  • Cost effectiveness: CAD programs are capable of doing the work of five traditional drafters. It also allows our engineers to print and/or save drawings for future revision and perfection, saving time on drawing. This means that Preferred Engineering cuts costs and passes the savings on to you.
  • Quality Control: CAD allows our engineers to produce a computer prototype of the product or system under development. Aside from eliminating the costs of building a physical prototype, this allows developers to quickly and effortlessly test a system and engineer out any flaws there may be while simultaneously optimizing electrical and mechanical efficiency. This means that by the time the consumer receives the final product it will have been tweaked and perfected many times over.


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