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Networked Electrical Test System

The Networked Electrical Test System (NETS) is a self contained, programmable, quality verification system that provides the capability to test electrical functions. The NETS is used in component assembly, repair, KPC containment, receiving inspection, quality assurance, prototype crib, model shop, and other areas. Forty eight channels are available to test for shorts, opens and continuity in wires and switches. The unit is driven by a PC compatible computer and powered by a 110V AC single phase, 10 amp supply line. The CPU supervises all test operations and operates the 17 touch screen, disk drives and auxiliary devices. All test operations are performed by intelligent I/O boards that communicate via a 100Base-T Ethernet switch to the CPU. The Ethernet switch also allows for any number of I/O boards to be connected to the CPU and also allows NETS components to be located at remote distance from the CPU. NETS operation is controlled by custom software written for each application, and can be updated by simply replacing the compact flash drive.



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