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Rear Window Defroster Tester

The Rear Window Defroster Tester is used to verify the functionality of an electric rear window defroster after it is installed into a vehicle. The operator places the tester at the top of the window, orienting it as shown on the testers front cover. The operator presses and holds the activation button on the side of the tester and waits for the testers Sonalert to sound once. On activation, the tester senses and calibrates for the Earth’s local magnetic field and any distortion to it caused by surrounding metallic objects. While still depressing the activation button, the operator smoothly slides the tester down the window at a constant rate. The Sonalert sounds once for each conductor on the window, emitting a constant series of beeps. Listening for a gap in the series of beeps can quickly identify broken conductors. A single nine-volt battery powers the tester.



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