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Charging Station

Apporx. Footprint
49"W x 32"D x 60"H

Apporx. Footprint
88"W x 32"D x 60"H

Apporx. Footprint
24"W x 32"D x 60"H

The Charging Station is an enclosure with electrical outlets used to securely store and charge various power tools such as the DSA Portable Programming Test Head (PPTH). The unit is available in three sizes, depending on the number of tools. The FULL SIZE ROLLTOP CHARGING STATION, part number PE5071 features locks and holds up to eight tools . The COMPACT ROLLTOP CHARGING STATION Part number PE5073 also features locks and holds up to four tools. The MINI CHARGING STATION Part number PE5063 has a folding top door featuring locks and holds two tools. We can also customize our enclosures to fit your companies requirements. Transformers are optional.



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