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Preferred Engineering specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality control electronic test equipment. With over 50 years combined experience in the field of electric engineering, we are capable of building test equipment to detect faults in wiring and continuity, or verify accuracy and functionality. Our test equipment has proven itself useful over millions of cycles in many different production lines worldwide, withstanding the test of time. A few of our popular testers include:
  • NETS:The Networked Electrical Test System (NETS) is a self contained, programmable, quality verification system that provides the capability to test electrical functions. The NETS is used in component assembly, repair, KPC containment, receiving inspection, quality assurance, prototype crib, model shop, and other areas.
  • Power Tilt Tester:Microprocessor controlled voltage measurement device. Its purpose is to verify the correct functionality of the position switch, actuator position sensor, and tilt motor on a power tilting steering column.
  • Rear Window Defroster Tester:The Rear Window Defroster Tester is used to verify the functionality of an electric rear window defroster after it is installed into a vehicle.
  • Electrical Verification System:EVS is a multipurpose high performance monitoring system designed for automotive “In Process Assembly Verification”.


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