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Electrical Verification System

EVS Test System

GM 215 XLR Cockpit

The Electrical Verification System (EVS) is a multipurpose high performance monitoring system designed for automotive “In Process Assembly Verification”. Custom application software directs the test flow and determines how each circuit is tested. The results of the test are displayed on an 18” touch screen LCD and/or can be printed on a vehicle build label. The base unit provides a total of 80 I/O channels expandable to a maximum of 1024 I/O channels. Class II and CAN communications to the vehicle are controlled by a PE2046 circuit board. The EVS is also very user friendly. It allows users to access and control testing functions via keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or remote pendant. The front and rear doors of the EVS have electrical and mechanical quick disconnect capability. This feature increases serviceability and allows for easy and quick repairs thus decreasing downtime.



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