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In order to consistently generate products with the high level of quality that Preferred Engineering prides itself upon, the company maintains a highly skilled assembly department. Not only have the assembly personnel received adequate training in their respective department; each team member has years of experience in both the electrical and automotive manufacturing fields. This diverse, well-polished skillset of the assembly department allows Preferred Engineering to constantly create virtually flawless products.
In addition to competent personnel, Preferred Engineering possesses an array of machinery which adds to the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of production.

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  • Signature Cable Tester: This simple machine checks for continuity and accuracy in cables and harnesses. This procedure saves valuable time and eliminates the potential for error.
  • Automatic Stripping Wire Processor: This machine cuts wire to the desired length at a rate three times faster than measuring and cutting by hand. In addition to cutting, the processor also strips the desired amount of insulation off the end of each wire with a high level of speed and accuracy.


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